Welcome to The Rustik Oven™

Our signature artisan bread is fermented and slow baked to deliver a rich flavor and crusty texture that delivers an experience that is distinctively: The Rustik Oven™.

our breads

Bread from The Rustik Oven™ is perfect for every delicious moment of the day. From hearty sandwiches to crostini, unleash your culinary imagination using our slow baked signature varieties.



Using a traditional European baking process, our bread is crafted with simple, quality ingredients. Each loaf is fermented for at least 14 hours to develop a rich flavor then slow baked to deliver a crusty texture.

  • Our ingredients are mixed, kneaded slowly and slow baked

  • The dough rests, then is shaped into round loaves

  • Slow baking provides a firm crust

  • Once cooled, the bread is sliced